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Conference Summary 

If you have something burning inside of you and cannot rest until it is released, this empowerment summit is for you. We spend a lot of time wishing, hoping, and dreaming of putting all our talents and wonderful ideas to use and then…fear stops us.

Come identify your fears, and release the control it has over your life. You can:

  • Start your own business
  • Go for a new job
  • Buy a home
  • Go back to school
  • Recognize you are Champion Made

We have a dynamic panel of local leaders that will share their stories of how they released fear and took bold steps to become Champions!

In addition to our dynamic panelist, the summit will also feature international motivational speaker Dr. Celeste Owens, a Buffalo native.

Dr. Celeste Owens

Dr. Celeste

Certified Natural Health Professional Author Speaker

Celeste Owens, PhD, is a former psychologist turned wellness guru who offers wisdom, advice, and tools that promote health and healing from a Biblical perspective.

A 7-year Breast Cancer survivor, Dr. Celeste has personally experienced the healing power of a holistic lifestyle and proper nutrition. In fact, her personal battle with cancer inspired her to become a Certi ed Natural Health Professional and to adopt a clean-eating lifestyle. Now this once self-proclaimed “junk-food-junkie” is thriving post cancer and inspires others to do the same.

Dr. Celeste will enliven your next meeting or conference with her innovative approach to health and wellness. Her live-out-loud, transparent manner of message delivery leaves audiences laughing, learning, and transformed from the inside out as Dr. Celeste believes that when one “changes her mind, she changes her season.”

As a health and wellness a cionado Dr. Celeste has been featured on television programs such as Let’s Pray and Grace and Glory and interviewed for the Washington Post, Essence, Heart & Soul, and Vision Magazines. She is also extensively interviewed about her rst book, The 40-Day Surrender Fast which chronicles her unlikely path to wholeness.

“Encouraging; regained my passion to succeed; informative; interactive; entertaining; presenter was a great inspiration and joy; and I would take anything by Dr. Celeste Owens.”

Click here to view Dr. Celeste Owens’ full bio.


  • 9:30 AM – Breakfast & Registration
  • 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM – Program
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