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High quality programs have the power to improve and transform the lives of children across the nation. With over 10 years of experience developing, managing and evaluating federally funded after-school and summer programs, I can assist you in taking your organization’s program to the next level. I offer the full gamut of program management, including facilitating strategic planning, building a solid staff development structure, creating connections with strong community partners, and monitoring and evaluating your outcomes. Your program has what it takes to be great!

Professional development focuses on a more professional you for the business world. These workshops or individual sessions will assist you in attaining career aspirations and following business trends. Learn to embrace and overcome the challenges you face, through unleashing latent potential, assessing key strengths and understanding under-utilized skills. MWB will focus on developing a professional development package that works for you or your team. Your future looks amazing!

Personal development is a lifelong process that can only begin when you take a step back and asses yourself. By pausing you can identify the skills you need to achieve your personal best and set achievable life goals. From helping to increase your employability to raising your confidence, I will lead you to a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. You are extraordinary!

Student Development sessions are designed to help junior high school through college students visualize their personal and professional success. From setting goals, to learning how to make clear choices, to simply having fun while discovering who they are. Wow! You are well on your way!

Women’s Empowerment workshops are designed to assist women in overcoming attitudes and beliefs that hinder potential and success in all aspects of life. Personal and professional development is often delayed by accepting unconscious agreements that are barriers to moving forward. Women’s Empowerment sessions will help to eradicate thoughts and emotions that hinder potential. Participants will also complete activities that enhance self-image, outline career pathways and create professional networks. You are your greatest accessory!

Spoken Word performances are designed to educate, empower and entertain through poetry and prose, motivational speaking. The featured pieces are conscious rising, thought-provoking and spiritually uplifting.

MWB Signature Workshops

Leaders! Discover, Connect Take Action:

This workshop defines the basics of leadership. The purpose is to increase the awareness of basic leadership skills and the difference between managers’ vs. leaders. it will force you to design your ideal leader and uncover if you exhibit those same traits

I Scream, You Scream … We Unite as A Team:

Being able to unite with a team and work cohesively is one of the foundations of organizational development. This workshop is designed to be fun, improve efficiency and open up a common understanding and ability for working with various personalities.

Welcome to the Good Life!:

It is time to take control of your life, you have a special gift that need to be released. During our time together we will begin to develop your personal mission and vision statement and understand the value of building positive forces around you. You will begin to discover your purpose and soar.

Speak to Me!

It is time to conquer the #1 fear of the human race. Learn the key elements to giving an effective speech whether in a small or large setting.

I AM Extraordinary:

It is time to take control of your life, you have a special gift that need to be released. During our time together we will begin to develop your personal mission and vision statement and understand the value of building positive forces around you. You will begin to discover your purpose and soar!

Courageous Leadership:

It is not always easy having difficult conversations, but extremely necessary if you want to move the mission forward. During our time together you will learn key techniques on how to move throughout your professional career courageously, no matter the situation, the bold steps you must take for yourself and how to build other courageous leaders around you. Every leader has a responsibility to coach honestly, provide feedback respectfully and walk beside those they are leading to help them reach their full potential.

YOLO-You Only Live Once:

This workshop is designed to help students visualize their success; and design an individualize life plan that will guide them into being successful productive members of society. Setting goals is an excellent way to provide clear a road map for the future, and keep you on task to achievement.

MWB’s Signature Keynote Addresses

8 Easy Steps to push pass the ordinary!

Morgan presents her essential principals to defining and attaining personal success. Using her experience in various positions over the years, Morgan shares life lessons and tactics that helped her reach Senior Executive level positions in her career and launch her own business by the age of 30 without compromising her values!

A Blazed Path

Similar to above, but Morgan shares her journey from filling out job applications at the age of 5, to launching her own candy store by 5th grade to being a well sought after Motivational Speaker and Trainer. Morgan awakens extraordinary potential you already have inside of you, gives you permission and pushes you to lay out your vision, marry it with determination and let it carry you to your destiny!

The Process

In this talk, Morgan shares how to navigate life when it throws the unforeseeable curve balls. Reflecting on the time when her father was diagnosed with Leukemia, she touches on how to move forward with faith, determination, and fortitude until you meet your goal. We all hit
bumps in the road. The question is how are you going to handle the bump?

Girl, You. Better. Get. It!

In this illuminating keynote speech Morgan hones in on the barriers we face as women from society and the
limitations we place on ourselves. In this talk she challenges women to kick down any wall that stands in their way of reaching their true potential and walks you through recalibrating society standards. On this day she states “There is no reason you should continue living on the corner of Excuse Street and I’m Not Sure Road. “Fear is a feeling, not a fact” -Terry Cole.

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